Marquer Le Futur




Web Design & Development: Sergej Vavan

Art Direction: Anna Sabov

Brand Strategy: Pascal Stifani



Marquer Le Futur is a growing BRAND & BUSSINES DESIGN agency that amplifies the power of your message, gives you a downright sexy look and makes sure your clients fall madly in love with you.

We are an international team; with offices in Switzerland, Belgium, Spain, Germany and Ukraine. Everyone works to build strong brands and successful businesses.

It's all about talent.

We recognize a talent when we meet one. Each member of Marquer Le Futur is driven by the same passion and the same vision of things. That of making your Business as beautiful and profitable as possible.



The Magician is interested in new ways and finding solutions that are not yet imagined, as well as products not yet built. They are an idea-driven powerhouse, thriving on vision and intuition.

These tendencies support their title as the Magician because they seem to make innovation and the brand itself a magical experience.

When it comes to the way customers feel, they tend to be mesmerized by the possibilities and promise that the brand has to offer.

The Magician offers a story for customers. This insinuates a fascination, creating a strong following and loyalty from customers that makes them consistently come back for more.