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2021 - 2022


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Kim Wittfeld - Strategy


For nine remarkable years, VOX-OVER, a voice-over studio founded by Markus Löhr and Trevor Hurst, had been the creative heartbeat of Offenbach, Germany. With over a thousand successful voice-over projects in an astonishing 65 languages, their passion and skills had spoken volumes. But for Markus and Trevor, this was just the beginning of their magical journey.

Main project goal

After nearly a decade of enchanting voices, Markus and Trevor decided it was time to cast a new spell. They wanted their brand to not only represent their exceptional work but also to convey their core values and aspirations in the most professional way possible. The challenge was clear: to create a brand and identity and a new website that would set Vox-Over apart in a highly competitive industry.

Brand Archetype: The Magician

As we delved into the heart of Vox-Over, we uncovered a brand archetype that resonated deeply—the Magician. Just like Markus and Trevor, the Magician archetype is driven by ideas, innovation, and the promise of the unexplored. They thrive on vision and intuition, making the brand experience nothing short of magical.The Magician archetype also weaves a compelling story, drawing customers into its mesmerizing world of possibilities. Vox-Over, with its enchanting voice talents and commitment to excellence, embodied this archetype perfectly.

Vox-Over Brand Discovery Workshop

Vox-Over Brand Stylescapes

Crafting the Brand Identity

With the Magician archetype as our guiding star, we set out to craft a brand identity that would do justice to Vox-Over's exceptional journey. Every element was carefully chosen to reflect the brand's essence.


The logo, a swirling vortex of creativity, symbolized Vox-Over's boundless innovation and imaginative prowess.

Color Palette

A mystical blend of deep blues and vibrant purples, our chosen colors embodied the magical allure of the brand.


The elegant yet modern and dynamic fonts were carefully selected to convey professionalism with a touch of enchantment and innovation.

Vox-Over Logo Design

Vox-Over Colors & Typography

A Digital Odyssey

Our journey with Vox-Over didn't stop with the rebranding; it extended to their digital presence. We embarked on a transformative website design and development project, ensuring that the magic of Vox-Over would shine through every pixel.


Two immersive web design and development workshops were pivotal in this journey. Together with the Vox-Over team, we delved deep into discovering their ideal customers. Through engaging discussions and exercises, we unveiled the unique personas that would resonate with Vox-Over's magic.

Content Definition

In these workshops, we meticulously defined the content that would grace the website. Each word, image, and video was chosen to create an enchanting narrative that would draw visitors into the Vox-Over universe.

Vox-Over Content Definition Workshop

Vox-Over Personas

The Magical Unveiling

Upon completion, the Vox-Over website emerged as a masterpiece of design and functionality. It showcased the brand's new identity while captivating visitors with its intuitive user experience.


The Vox-Over rebranding and website transformation project breathed new life into the studio, infusing it with the magic that had always been at its core. The response from the community was overwhelming, and the brand found a renewed sense of purpose and vitality.

Vox-Over Website Home Page


Vox-Over's transformation from a successful voice-over studio to a magical brand with an enchanting digital presence was a testament to the power of creativity and innovation. In partnership with Vox-Over, we not only reimagined their brand but also crafted an enchanting story that continues to mesmerize their audience. As the Magician archetype suggests, Vox-Over's brand is now a source of fascination, creating a devoted following that keeps coming back for more. The journey is far from over; it's an ongoing tale of innovation, excellence, and the magic of Vox-Over.


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